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Premiere Pro CC hangup-not responding

I recently have been recording my gaming sessions because why not? This has finally given me a reason to play around with Premiere Pro. I originally was just looking at live streaming and taking highlights from that footage but due to where I spend half my life for work I can’t get a decent internet upload speed. This has led me to locally recording which therefore has led to needing to edit the footage into something more interesting.

I was starting through the first few tutorials and in one it shows you how to import a folder of files into your project. I had chosen the folder with my footage (which there was quite a bit) and part way in the program would stop responding. I figured I would let it sit since it was probably just taking a long time to import and make previews for such a large amount of data. Coming back a few hours later and it still in the same spot I closed the program and tried it again. Again I got the same behavior.

After going through all the files in the folder I realized there was one I couldn’t open in my video player. This was certainly caused by the crashes with OSB that I described in an earlier post. I thought I had cleared all the bad files out but I guess I had missed one. With that file removed the process ran without problem.

TL;DR make sure you don’t have any corrupted/unplayable files in the folder you are importing.


While trying to import a folder of game footage the program stopped responding. This was due to a corrupted video file it was trying to import from one of the crashes posted about before.

First Departure – Day Six

Office has off every other friday. Got to sleep in a little. Some paperwork to do from home.

Signed a lease today. Will be living with some friends from college. I think that will be good for me. It doesnt feel like home though. Not like our place did when we moved in. At least now I don’t have to feel so bad about staying here.

Went up to the local casino and did some gambling with one of the roommates who also had off today. I remember bringing her there last time.  It reminded me of all the good times we had in Vegas. And most recently the casino we went to two days before I left.

Had to go downtown to do my drug screen. I almost forgot with everything going on this week. I was wearing my jeans which I havent worn since leaving. At the clinic you have to empty your pockets when you go to give the sample. In the back I found the tickets to the Princess Dianna exhibit we went to and the voucher I saved from our trip to the casino. She is entwined in everything and I can’t decide if I like all the reminders or not.

Earlier this week I was talking with HR and she told me the company handles phones differently then my last job. At my new job they will buy your phone and pay for the plan. At then end you still get to keep the phone. I thought this was very weird for the company to pay for the phone and keep it so I clarified that the company will pay for the phone. She said yes and that you buy it and expense it back to the company.  Long story short, I was really excited that I would get to upgrade to the new galaxy S5 but found out that they actually won’t pay for it and I “misunderstood” the HR person (they only pay for the plans). This kind of thing really pisses me off at companies. If I hadn’t found out till later I would have been stuck with the bill.

Well as my day was just getting worse I just wandered around the store for a bit much like a few days ago at walmart. When I finally left I was quite hungry and seeing a Qdoba I quickly checked my weight watchers app to see how many points a burrito would be and if I had enough points left in the day. It was quite a lot of points (as expected) but since I hadn’t eaten much earlier to treat myself at dinner I had enough. I have never seen a smaller burrito made (or at chipotle).. It was yet just another disappointment for the day.

Then of course I was browsing facebook when I came across this youTube video that just screamed Theresa so much (its about the market dividing things up for girls in pink and boys in blue) that I had actually copied the URL and was headed to gmail to email her the link. Why can’t I send her links I think she will like? Is that giving off too friendly and comfortable an association?  I don’t like it.