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First Departure – Day Four

It is weird that 4 days have gone by. I dont think it has really hit me yet. It feels more still like it normally does when I leave for my hitch, my brain hasn’t fully realized the truth. I think subconsciously I am either lonely or sad and that I get little glimpses of that during the day.
Realized my weather app was still set to my old home.. yet another weird feeling of leaving my life behind, of wandering..
I got up to go to lunch today and as I picked up my phone my instinct was to think “oh I need to text her”, it is weird the small habits you form.

Why does our culture press the need to be with someone else? I don’t feel like being with anyone or doing anything. I hope I can just dig into these next two weeks in the field and try not to think about it. At least it should keep me busy..

Still sitting in the office and the energy saving set of lights have gone off.. guess I should go at some point.

Drove by her college she graduated from on the way home. I’m so proud of her. She was so excited that day. The only physical picture I have of her is from that day.
I hope she is well.