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First Departure – Day Seven

Finally slept in a bed, even if only a blowup one.  I also got to sleep in which was good. Woke up and got a report out for work and headed into town for lunch and a haircut.

For the first time since getting here I think I felt a twinge of feeling at home. There was a little traffic and so I happened to stop on the bridge over the main creek. It was running quite high and I dont really know what it was but I just felt this calmness or something similar that reminded me of home. It was a nice feeling. I think one of the first I have had all week.

I then got to have a breakfast burrito from my favorite place. I didn’t eat anything all morning just so I could have it. And it was soo good. After that I got my haircut and a shave. I normally dont pay for shaves as I have my own straight razor at home but about once a year I treat myself to it. It was really relaxing and was nice to get cleaned up some.

After that I went and saw Godzilla with a friend. I didn’t think it was that good but it also wasnt horrible. Kinda meh like most my week has been.

Overall it was a pretty good day. I still had plenty reminding me of her. I drove by the pumpkin patch we would go to every fall. The burrito place and our favorite burger place are right across from each other. I miss her. I love her. I think I will always love her which just makes everything so much harder. I don’t like hurting others, especially the ones I love. I missed even just having her in the car while doing errands. I want to call her. See how she is doing. How did the bachelorette party go? I miss hearing about her day. And I don’t really know what to do about it.