Open Source Broadcaster Crash

Ran into a problem today where no matter what I tried Open Source Broadcaster (OSB) would crash when trying to record anything in Kerbal Space Program (KSP). As soon as either I would alt-tab into KSP or start it up (both 32 and 64 bit versions of both) OSB would crash. It had worked for the past few days without any problem.

I finally read on of the crash reports and it seemed to be stemming from an unhandled exception in the graphics driver. I finally checked through my OSB settings and noticed that I had the resolution set for something larger then what my laptop screen was running at. Once I matched the currently running resolution everything seems to be working again.

TL;DR Check to make sure OSB isn’t trying to pull a larger resolution then what your monitor is running at.

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  1. Also 64-bit Kerbal seems to crash OBS and ffsplit no matter what on my setup. This might be specifically with my video card and driver as it seems the crash log has it pointing to somewhere in the driver code.

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