Premiere Pro CC hangup-not responding

I recently have been recording my gaming sessions because why not? This has finally given me a reason to play around with Premiere Pro. I originally was just looking at live streaming and taking highlights from that footage but due to where I spend half my life for work I can’t get a decent internet upload speed. This has led me to locally recording which therefore has led to needing to edit the footage into something more interesting.

I was starting through the first few tutorials and in one it shows you how to import a folder of files into your project. I had chosen the folder with my footage (which there was quite a bit) and part way in the program would stop responding. I figured I would let it sit since it was probably just taking a long time to import and make previews for such a large amount of data. Coming back a few hours later and it still in the same spot I closed the program and tried it again. Again I got the same behavior.

After going through all the files in the folder I realized there was one I couldn’t open in my video player. This was certainly caused by the crashes with OSB that I described in an earlier post. I thought I had cleared all the bad files out but I guess I had missed one. With that file removed the process ran without problem.

TL;DR make sure you don’t have any corrupted/unplayable files in the folder you are importing.


While trying to import a folder of game footage the program stopped responding. This was due to a corrupted video file it was trying to import from one of the crashes posted about before.

Open Source Broadcaster Crash

Ran into a problem today where no matter what I tried Open Source Broadcaster (OSB) would crash when trying to record anything in Kerbal Space Program (KSP). As soon as either I would alt-tab into KSP or start it up (both 32 and 64 bit versions of both) OSB would crash. It had worked for the past few days without any problem.

I finally read on of the crash reports and it seemed to be stemming from an unhandled exception in the graphics driver. I finally checked through my OSB settings and noticed that I had the resolution set for something larger then what my laptop screen was running at. Once I matched the currently running resolution everything seems to be working again.

TL;DR Check to make sure OSB isn’t trying to pull a larger resolution then what your monitor is running at.